Terms & Conditions

I agree to rent a standard phone/Smartphone/SIM Card from Cheap Talk Israel. I authorize Cheap Talk Israel to charge my credit card, if applicable, for the security deposit and the charge for my rental. I understand that I am responsible for any damage caused to the rental during my rental time period as well as any rental items that are not received back by Cheap Talk Israel. Any damage to my rental or no return of my rental will result in my security deposit being partially or completely forfeited, according to the decision of Cheap Talk Israel.

Any additional charges on my rental resulting from a feature not included on my rental plan or resulting from incorrect calling will be charged to my credit card on file. I understand that if I do not return my rental within the allotted return time frame, as stated below, I will be charged for additional rental days at the standard rate until my rental is returned. Additionally, I understand that I am responsible for carefully packaging my rental item(s) when shipping it back to Cheap Talk Israel as I am responsible for the rental item(s) until they are received back by Cheap Talk Israel.

I understand that all shipped rentals must be postmarked within 2 business days of my rental end date. I understand that all rentals picked-up from Cheap Talk Israel must be received back by Cheap Talk Israel within 2 days of my rental return date.

If my rental is not returned to Cheap Talk Israel I understand that my security deposit will be forfeited and not returned.

All rentals should be returned to:
Cheap Talk Israel
2833 Smith Avenue
Suite #231
Baltimore, MD 21209 

Plans include unlimited international calling to land-line phones in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Please ensure the proper code is dialed in order to avoid additional fees. Dial the country code of the destination, then city/area code, then the rest of the number. *Common country codes: USA/Canada: 001 England: 0044

Plans also include calling to cell phones in the United States and Canada ONLY.

There is unlimited incoming and outgoing calls within Israel and the the countries specified above. There is unlimited texting within Israel. However, there is NO texting to ANY American phone numbers. Sim Cards and Smartphones include unlimited data as well.