Q: If I have issues when in Israel, how do I reach out for help?

A: On the off-chance you need assistance, please call our Tel Aviv offices at: (03) 374-1686 or e-mail us at info@cheaptalkisrael.com.

Q: When I return from my trip, where do I return the SIM cards or phones?

A: If you are in MD, please contact our office to arrange for pickup. Otherwise, please mail it to: Cheap Talk Israel, 2833 Smith Ave., Suite #231, Baltimore, MD 21209.

Q: My travel plans changed. Can I cancel my rental for a refund?

A: Yes, but there is a $10 cancellation fee to cover our administrative costs. 

Q: What happens if I lose the rented SIM card or phone?

A: Unfortunately, we incur a cost to replace these things. The fee to replace a lost SIM is $20, a lost standard phone is $40 and a lost smart phone fee is $100. 

Q: Do you include car chargers for the phones?

A: Unfortunately, not. But, you can buy those here in the US before your trip. We do provide a standard phone cable & charger plus the Israeli wall converter so that you can charge the phone both in the US & Israel.

Q: There seems to be a password on my voicemail. What is it?

A: There shouldn't be one, but if there is, try *1234# or 1234*