Q: If I need help, how do I reach out for assistance?

A: Website:

US Phone #: 410-231-3209

Israel Phone #: 03-374-1686


Q: How do I access my voice mail?

A: Dial 151 to access voice mail. The default password is 1234*

Q: How do I dial a US #?

A: From Israel, (assuming that you were dialing our US office) dial 0-17-1-410-231-3209

Q: When I return from my trip, where do I return my rental?

A: If you’re in Baltimore, please call our local number to arrange for return. If you are out of town, please mail your rental to:

Cheap Talk Israel

2833 Smith Ave.

Suite #231

Baltimore, MD 21209

Q: Do I need to do anything before returning my rental?

A: If you rented an iPhone, you must log out of your Apple ID. We’d also appreciate if you fully reset the phone if you are slightly more technically inclined. Also, make certain to copy your sentimental pictures off the phone before returning it.

Q: Do I need to do anything with my rented smart phone before my trip?

A: We suggest connecting to your local home WIFI and installing iOS updates as well as your favorite apps so that you can hit the ground running once you land. Additionally, we advise that you fully charge your phone before the trip so that it is ready for use.

Q: Can I text from a Cheap Talk Israel device to a US phone?

A: Sorry, you can’t text from an Israeli device to a US device unless you’re using WhatsApp.

Q: I’ve installed the Israeli SIM in my phone and it doesn’t seem to work.

A: The “Hot Mobile” Israeli SIM only works in Israel and does not make calls or use data elsewhere. Also, before calling for help, please try shutting it fully off and then turning back on. Also, be 100% certain that your smartphone is unlocked. 

Q: If I want to use the SIM as a hotspot, how much data does this rental come with?

A: 150 GB (which is basically unlimited Internet for most people)

Q: I loved the service & products! Where can I leave feedback?

A: On the products page on our website, there are links to leave a review. Other customers will truly appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Q: Is there anything we could have done to make your Cheap Talk Israel experience any better?

A: You need to answer this question – and please e-mail us! Thank you.

Q: If I did not purchase insurance, what “damages” am I responsible for?

A: Charges can be for missing cables, missing adapters, cracked screens & similar devaluations.

Q: Do you include car chargers for the phones?

A: Unfortunately, not. But, you can buy those here in the US before your trip. We do provide a standard phone cable charger plus the Israeli wall converter so that you can charge the phone both in the US & Israel.

Q: My travel plans changed. Can I cancel my rental for a refund?

A: Yes, but there is a $10 cancellation fee to cover our administrative costs. 

Q: What happens if I lose the rented SIM card or phone?

A: Unfortunately, we incur a cost to replace these things. The fee to replace a lost SIM is $25, a lost standard phone is $100 and a lost smart phone fee is $200.

Q: Do you rent kosher phones?

A: Sorry, we do not

Q: Do you rent kosher SIMs?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. We only rent standard Israeli SIMs. Please not that our standard SIMs will not work in a kosher phone.